Does he take sugar?

This was the title of a four-part documentary on Radio 4 in 1986 which explored accessibility and attitudes towards disability, and found that our society is shockingly poor in coping with the needs of those who face barriers to living and working through mental or physical disablement.  Perceptions were often that people in wheelchairs were … Continue reading Does he take sugar?

Space – the final frontier

No, I am not taking you on a journey to explore strange new worlds. Instead, I am asking you to reflect on how you use your space – your offices, workshops, showrooms and storage areas. On average, our workspace is occupied for approximately 21% of the available time based on an average 8 hour working … Continue reading Space – the final frontier

Is Workplace Volunteering a benefit or a bind?

Next week is National Volunteering Week, so I thought it a good time to reflect on the positive reasons for having a workplace volunteering scheme.  I have been a volunteer in many different organisations in a variety of roles, and I can vouch for the positive benefits – a sense of contribution, meeting lovely people, … Continue reading Is Workplace Volunteering a benefit or a bind?

How are you really feeling?

We all have mental health, just like we have physical health.  Sometimes it is good, we feel happy, loved, valued and life is pretty good.  Sometimes it is poor – we feel depressed, isolated or worse. Life feels a mess – just like in the picture. This week is Mental Health Awareness Week (#MentalHealthAwarenessWeek), so … Continue reading How are you really feeling?

How being a lark or night owl could affect your productivity

What is it that makes people more productive in the workplace?  Often, having some sort of control over how and when they carry out their work can make an individual more engaged in what they are doing and how they are doing it. The norm for our working day is 8 hours, but many large … Continue reading How being a lark or night owl could affect your productivity

Greening up your workplace

As a sustainability consultant, I often talk about ‘greening up your space’ but here I mean literally.  A visit to the headquarters of some of the most prestigious companies makes you think you took a wrong turning and ended up in the Botanical Gardens. Gone are the days of the dusty spider plant in the … Continue reading Greening up your workplace

Creating a healthier workplace – Part 1

How can we make the workplace healthier and more productive?  Over the next few weeks, we will be looking at various issues that affect how we work. Firstly, we will look at the physical environment.  Tired or shabby surroundings that haven’t been maintained may be interpreted by your staff that you don’t value them.  They … Continue reading Creating a healthier workplace – Part 1

Is your workplace killing you?

Many of us drive to work, sit at a desk for 8 hours then drive home to relax on the sofa.  This sedentary life, coupled with poor diet and raised levels of stress could mean our jobs are literally killing us.  The British Heart Foundation warn that 20 million Britons are physically inactive, leading to … Continue reading Is your workplace killing you?