A Passion for Sustainability

I am not good at networking.  I love meeting people and getting to know them, but I am usually so interested in what they do, their challenges and where their business is going, that I overlook the selling my services bit! Recently, I was invited to attend an event at which I knew very few … Continue reading A Passion for Sustainability

Top tips to make your business sustainable

The Press is full of talk about the need for businesses to become more sustainable, but it's often hard to know where to start.  Here are some top tips you can adopt.  If you want to go further, give me a call or drop me an email for some more suggestions.  Feel free to add … Continue reading Top tips to make your business sustainable

Tomorrow today

I've had a manic few days at some excellent events with so much information that my head is spinning! Cars for tomorrow Last Friday, I was lucky enough to join a few people to find out more about electric vehicle and charging technology and even test drive some cars.  In the early days of electric … Continue reading Tomorrow today

Cornwall, at the bottom of the pile for recycling

I have just returned from a fascinating visit to the Cornwall Energy Recovery Centre at St Dennis in Cornwall.  The plant, run by Suez, opened for business earlier this year. This was completed just over a year ago, following a very controversial planning process involving multiple protests from the public and appeals made to Parliament.  … Continue reading Cornwall, at the bottom of the pile for recycling

Waste Management

Achieving cost savings and complying with Environment Agency regulations through improved waste management Background The Royal Cornwall Hospital Trust (RCHT) was facing severe problems with its waste management. Not only was spending on disposal spiralling, but it faced action from the Environment Agency for breaches of regulations. Waste was not being correctly segregated and the … Continue reading Waste Management

What is the cost of packaging?

I have a thing about unnecessary packaging. The parcel that arrives on the doorstep with about 3 feet of bubble wrap protecting a paperback book, or that unbreakable jar encased in moulded polystyrene and a cardboard box. It has got to the point that if something has non-essential packaging, I won’t buy it. As consumers, … Continue reading What is the cost of packaging?

Simple things you can do to reduce your bills

Although attitudes are changing, many people view Sustainability as a ‘nice to have’, but not essential to your business. Being sustainable still has connotations of compost toilets, beans, lentils and ‘hug a tree’. There are sound economic benefits from embedding environmental behaviours into your business. Research shows that those companies who take sustainability seriously are … Continue reading Simple things you can do to reduce your bills

Can technology make a silk purse from a sow’s ear?

One of my favourite films is Disney’s Robots, the story of a young idealistic inventor who journey to the city to meet his inspiration, only to find that the world is being taken over by shiny new robots, with old and damaged ones being sent to the ‘chop shop’ In our highly disposable world, the … Continue reading Can technology make a silk purse from a sow’s ear?

A prescription for waste

£80 million a year is currently being spent on prescriptions for paracetamol available twenty times cheaper in supermarkets.  22 million prescriptions a year are issued costing £3.67 per packet – whilst supermarket prices range from 19p per packet.  Other items to be withdrawn from prescription include treatments for heartburn, indigestion, hay fever, coughs and colds … Continue reading A prescription for waste