What role do you play in change?

Yesterday, I was fortunate enough to attend an inspirational workshop run by Unlocking Potential on People, Planet and Profit.  With some fascinating speakers and great discussion, there was a huge amount to process.  Much of the discussion during the day was on how to successfully effect and embed change, with the focus on sustainability and … Continue reading What role do you play in change?

What is the Circular Economy?

We are hearing more about the circular or closed loop economy – also called holistic sustainability – but what exactly is it? Wikipedia describes it as ‘an industrial system in which the potential use of goods and materials is optimised and their elements returned to the system at the end of their viable life cycles. … Continue reading What is the Circular Economy?

We can’t afford to ignore a closed loop economy any more

Sustainability is much in the news at the moment – it seems it is flavour of the month politically and with world leaders gathering in Davos, there is an anticipation of some momentum. There’s been a lot of talk about a circular economy or holistic sustainability, and I hope this will drive thinking towards a … Continue reading We can’t afford to ignore a closed loop economy any more

To be or not to be ……… accredited

I've been celebrating this week.  My application for Pending BCorp status has been accepted.  As a Sustainability Consultant, I feel it is important to demonstrate I have the credentials to help other businesses on their journey, and what better way than external accreditation.  Being a new business, I am unable to become fully BCorp certified until I … Continue reading To be or not to be ……… accredited

The environmental cost of healthcare

  This week, I spent time working with a hospital in Hull trying to improve the efficiency of their preoperative assessment.  Despite passionate and dedicated staff, current healthcare delivery is hugely wasteful and environmentally damaging, and we urgently need to reassess our actions.   One of the most polluting aspects of healthcare delivery comes from … Continue reading The environmental cost of healthcare