Storing up solutions for business

Over the last 10 years the number of delivery vans on our roads has increased by 71%, and on our already congested roads in Cornwall, this is causing major problems particularly in the height of the season.  The rise is partially due to the popularity of internet shopping, by also attributable to businesses keeping tighter … Continue reading Storing up solutions for business

Space management

Streamlining meeting bookings, achieving optimal use of space and generating economies Background Meeting space was at a premium at the Royal Cornwall Hospital Trust (RCHT) with many original conference rooms repurposed to provide office space for the ever-increasing workforce. The challenge The Knowledge Spa, built as a training facility for medical and nursing students from … Continue reading Space management

Space – the final frontier

No, I am not taking you on a journey to explore strange new worlds. Instead, I am asking you to reflect on how you use your space – your offices, workshops, showrooms and storage areas. On average, our workspace is occupied for approximately 21% of the available time based on an average 8 hour working … Continue reading Space – the final frontier

Simple things you can do to reduce your bills

Although attitudes are changing, many people view Sustainability as a ‘nice to have’, but not essential to your business. Being sustainable still has connotations of compost toilets, beans, lentils and ‘hug a tree’. There are sound economic benefits from embedding environmental behaviours into your business. Research shows that those companies who take sustainability seriously are … Continue reading Simple things you can do to reduce your bills

How being a lark or night owl could affect your productivity

What is it that makes people more productive in the workplace?  Often, having some sort of control over how and when they carry out their work can make an individual more engaged in what they are doing and how they are doing it. The norm for our working day is 8 hours, but many large … Continue reading How being a lark or night owl could affect your productivity