Here’s to the next decade?

The Festive Season featured frequently in Charles Dickens novels, from Christmas at Dingley Dell in Pickwick Papers to Pip’s Christmas Day encounter with Magwitch at the beginning of Great Expectations and of course the classic, A Christmas Carol.  Dickens conceived A Christmas Carol in October 1843 in response to a government report he had read … Continue reading Here’s to the next decade?

How is Brexit like a 50p piece?

I was debating some issues with a friend recently, which was interesting as we both tend to view things from a variety of directions.  We were going around in circles, examining things first from this perspective, then from that.  ‘We’re a couple of 50p pieces’ she said. What she meant was that rather than being … Continue reading How is Brexit like a 50p piece?

Can we work together to end homelessness?

Last Saturday, I was privileged to hear from two dedicated individuals who are working to end homelessness in the UK -  Jon Sparkes, CEO of Crisis and Steve Ellis, CEO of Cornish charity St Petrocs.  I was struck at how, in the 21st Century, with all the benefits of social media, education and awareness, there … Continue reading Can we work together to end homelessness?

Dreams of a simpler life!

In my dreams, I am living on a small holding with some chickens, maybe a pig and space to grow lots of vegetables.  My evenings are spent concocting delicious meals with the fresh produce and running up some gorgeous upcycled clothes that make me look a million dollars! In reality, my tomato plants wither and … Continue reading Dreams of a simpler life!

There’s more to Easter than eggs and religion!

Easter has always been my favourite time of year.  I am not particularly religious, and although I love chocolate, it’s not the prospect of gorging myself on eggs all day!  For me, Easter heralds the start of spring, new life and new beginning.  The 4 day weekend is the perfect opportunity to catch up with … Continue reading There’s more to Easter than eggs and religion!

Did Black Friday leave you feeling blue?

Last week I was inundated with communications about Black Friday which left me feeling not just cold but frozen.  Not only do I not want to be thinking about Christmas whilst it is still November, just the thought of all that consumerism brought me out in a cold sweat. I am not anti-Christmas, far from … Continue reading Did Black Friday leave you feeling blue?

Shining more brightly together

We are well into the ‘Conference Season’ now with our news full of the latest political debates and startling new initiatives.  I have to admit, I find it all a bit boring – the same old stuff spouted which the cynic in me feels is a soundbite without substance. What really irritates me though is … Continue reading Shining more brightly together