Can we make an ABC World

Ho Ching, Chief Executive of Temasek Holdings in Singapore has challenged Asian cities to aspire to an ABC World A – demonstrate active traits of a robust economy and provide a good life for its citizens B – offer a beautiful environment with cohesive and inclusive communities C – provide clean surroundings with fresh and … Continue reading Can we make an ABC World

Greening up your workplace

As a sustainability consultant, I often talk about ‘greening up your space’ but here I mean literally.  A visit to the headquarters of some of the most prestigious companies makes you think you took a wrong turning and ended up in the Botanical Gardens. Gone are the days of the dusty spider plant in the … Continue reading Greening up your workplace

The environmental cost of healthcare

  This week, I spent time working with a hospital in Hull trying to improve the efficiency of their preoperative assessment.  Despite passionate and dedicated staff, current healthcare delivery is hugely wasteful and environmentally damaging, and we urgently need to reassess our actions.   One of the most polluting aspects of healthcare delivery comes from … Continue reading The environmental cost of healthcare