Could you use a Changemaker?

I have been working with a large organisation recently who are suffering from what I like to call as ‘Nose to the Grindstone Syndrome’.  I was brought in as an ‘extra pair of hands’ to help in a crisis, but I have become ‘a pair of fresh eyes’ and Changemaker, providing a vision for the … Continue reading Could you use a Changemaker?

Need an Extra Pair of Hands?

I have just finished a piece of work for a small organisation who needed some urgent research and interpretation. Due to the time pressures involved, and the specialist knowledge required, there was no one in the business able to undertake the project at such short notice, so they approached me to help. Organisations are sometimes … Continue reading Need an Extra Pair of Hands?

Space management

Streamlining meeting bookings, achieving optimal use of space and generating economies Background Meeting space was at a premium at the Royal Cornwall Hospital Trust (RCHT) with many original conference rooms repurposed to provide office space for the ever-increasing workforce. The challenge The Knowledge Spa, built as a training facility for medical and nursing students from … Continue reading Space management

Waste Management

Achieving cost savings and complying with Environment Agency regulations through improved waste management Background The Royal Cornwall Hospital Trust (RCHT) was facing severe problems with its waste management. Not only was spending on disposal spiralling, but it faced action from the Environment Agency for breaches of regulations. Waste was not being correctly segregated and the … Continue reading Waste Management

Life is trying things to see if they work – Ray Bradbury

For the record, I am nosey.  I love to find out what makes people and organisations tick, and this week I have been lucky enough to see behind the scenes of Teagle Farm Machinery to find out about sustainability in a manufacturing setting. Teagle, based just north of Truro in Cornwall, manufacture agricultural equipment and … Continue reading Life is trying things to see if they work – Ray Bradbury