Dealing with Over Tourism head on

Cornwall is currently gearing up for the main holiday season.  The Spring Bank Holiday and half term usually bring the first real influx of tourists.  Easter and the Whitsun Bank Holiday can be busy, but it’s not usually sustained, whereas from early June most attractions and accommodation providers can guarantee a fairly consistent level of … Continue reading Dealing with Over Tourism head on

Top Tips for Mental Health Awareness Week

This is Mental Health Awareness week which many workplaces across the country will be marking in some way.  There has been huge progress in the subject of mental health in recent years, enabling sufferers of anxiety, depression, stress and other debilitating conditions to be more open and receive adequate support. However, stigma relating to mental … Continue reading Top Tips for Mental Health Awareness Week

Does he take sugar?

This was the title of a four-part documentary on Radio 4 in 1986 which explored accessibility and attitudes towards disability, and found that our society is shockingly poor in coping with the needs of those who face barriers to living and working through mental or physical disablement.  Perceptions were often that people in wheelchairs were … Continue reading Does he take sugar?