Today’s uncertain and volatile world means there’s never been a better time to make the most of what you can control – embedding sound governance and sustainable business practices at the heart of your organisation.

At Gill Pipkin Consulting, we make compliance, good governance, sustainability and corporate social responsibility work for your business, with practical solutions that deliver real business benefits.

We’re expert at balancing quality of provision with cost control, maximising current profits while protecting future resources. We’re committed to improving working environments, resource efficiency and business performance, and and can help you fulfil regulatory requirements and attain the external accreditation that enables you to bid for, and win, valuable contracts and customers.


About Gill

Founder, Gill Pipkin has been implementing sustainable business practices for over 20 years, well before sustainability and corporate social responsibility went mainstream. In her eyes, looking after that triple bottom line of people, planet and profit has always made sound business sense.

Gill’s career spans marketing and operational roles in both the public and private sectors – in hospitality, healthcare, manufacturing, business services and IT start-ups. She’s worked for Virgin Hotels, been a hotel owner herself, served as Sustainability Lead for the Royal Cornwall Hospitals Trust and currently contributes to the Sustainability, Society and Health Research Group at Plymouth University.

Highly pragmatic and commercially-focused, Gill specialises in embedding strategies that, for example, reduce expenditure on overheads, optimise procurement and working processes, and develop organisational “conscience.” As well as their measurable and positive effects on the bottom line, these initiatives also enhance business reputation, employee satisfaction and stakeholder engagement.


About Sustainability

Sustainability is about adhering to the principles of sustainable development, where organisations “meet the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.” (World Council for Economic Development).

As such, it’s about much more than mitigating environmental impact. It’s firmly grounded in a holistic and practical approach that balances and optimises the outcomes of addressing economic, social and environmental issues (“looking after people, planet and profit”). Sustainability means business decisions take account of risk, resilience and future-proofing.

Corporate social responsibility focuses on organisations “doing the right thing.” Bridging the gap between profit and purpose, it’s about going that extra mile to reduce negative impacts on the environment and contribute positively to your community and society at large. Acting responsibly as a business feeds directly into adopting sustainable business practices.


About B Corp

B Corps (Better Corporations) are companies run as a force for good. B Corp is an international accreditation scheme certified by the non-profit B Lab to meet rigorous standards of social and environmental performance, accountability and transparency.   It is community of like minded for-profit businesses who operate around the globe in a wide variety of industries.

We joined the B Corp community in 2017 following an in-depth auditing process examining every aspect of the business.  The ethos of B Corps mirrors that of Gill Pipkin Consulting by valuing people and planet above profit, whilst understanding the need to be commercial and profitable.

We can help businesses undertake the B Corp auditing process to provide a clear indication of strengths and weaknesses, and if appropriate support them through the accreditation process and beyond.