Radio Silence

From time to time, life just gets too busy and some things just don’t get the attention they deserve.

That’s the case with my website.  I have had a frantic few months, balancing some amazing work, but finding that I haven’t had enough time or inspiration to write anything.  It is something I enjoy immensely, and hope that now I will be able to find time to get back to.

Over the last six months, I have been balancing my role as Implementation Lead for Ultramed the innovative health tech company, acting as Project Assistant for St Agnes Chamber of Commerce and working on an interim CEO basis for Citizens Advice Cornwall.

Citizens Advice is a service sadly needed now more than ever, as people struggle with the impact of years of austerity and changes to welfare and benefits.  In Cornwall, the service has faced large cuts to funding at a time when more people are trying to access support.  The challenges the organisation faces are immense, and I feel excited but also daunted as I try to help it prepare for the future.

As of July 1st, I am giving up all other work to focus my energy and resources on Citizens Advice Cornwall and take up the role of Chief Officer.  It is a huge responsibility at a critical time, and one I hope I will be able to do justice to.

I hope that being able to focus on just one role, I will have the inspiration to be able to share some of my experience and views on leadership, team building and other issues via my website.  So if you can spare some time to follow my blog and let me have your thoughts, that would be great!

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