New Year’s Resolutions – did you make one?

With the Christmas decorations are stored away for another year and life resuming its more normal rhythm, we can reflect on the New Year’s Resolution.  Did you make one?  Now that we are in the 2nd week of January, how well is it going?

Statistics show that 32% of people make a New Year’s Resolution, with the majority focussed on losing weight, getting fitter and eating more healthily.  Only 14% resolve to see more of friends and family, and even fewer opt for more ‘me time’ or to get a better work/life balance.

Of those who did make a resolution, 43% broke it within the first month, 66% within the first 6 weeks of the year, 80% within 3 months and 86% within the year.  Only 14% of New Year’s Resolutions made it through the first year.  Given this, are they worth it?

My New Year’s Resolution

I haven’t made a New Year’s Resolution for many years, mainly because I don’t think I will keep to it.  What incentive is there to eat healthily at the coldest, darkest and most miserable time of year?  If I can still hide my winter padding under thick jumpers for a few more months, I can’t see the attraction of the gym, even if my somewhat depleted bank account could cope.

I do, however, believe in resolutions.  I do make them, just not at New Year.

As the days lengthen, and the air feels a little warmer, each year I make a resolution to get fitter, enjoy some ‘me time’ and get a better work/life balance.  I make time to get out in the garden.

This may not be everyone’s choice, but it works for me.  I am not a skilled gardener, and I don’t feel the need to be an expert – this is my way of relaxing.  I am also a bit of a fair-weather gardener – if it’s a bit cold or wet, I am happy to look out at the green shoots pushing through the soil from the comfort of my sitting room.

As the year goes on, I can work off the frustrations of a difficult meeting, or relax after a day bashing away on the keyboard with an hour’s weeding, or enjoy a glass of something chilled whilst admiring the fruits of my labours – a pretty bloom or lovely perfume.

I also enjoy the satisfaction that I can share my work with others.  Friends and family can spend time somewhere pretty when they visit, neighbours and passers by enjoy a nice view or attractive scent, and most importantly wildlife has an interesting and supportive environment.

My Green Gym

The attractions of the gym have never appealed to me, but I do have my Green Gym which helps make me get a bit fitter and healthier, provides some ‘me time’, gives me a nice place to spend time with friends and family and supports a better work/life balance.  This year, I may even decide to try my hand at some fruit and vegetables, which will help me eat healthier too.

So, if you didn’t make a New Year’s Resolution, it’s not too late.  When you feel the time is right, resolve to spend a bit of time in your garden or allotment, or just a few hours in nature each week.  A walk in the park or ramble in the countryside or beach is a great alternative.

It won’t cost you a fortune, it won’t matter if you don’t stick to it every day or week, but you will reap the benefits of feeling healthier and happier.

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