Need an Extra Pair of Hands?

I have just finished a piece of work for a small organisation who needed some urgent research and interpretation. Due to the time pressures involved, and the specialist knowledge required, there was no one in the business able to undertake the project at such short notice, so they approached me to help.

Organisations are sometimes reluctant to buy in services from outside, whether due to issues of trust, cost of service or the feeling that they ‘should be able to cope’. However, trying to cover every base can lead to poor use of resources such as manpower, lack of ability to maximise opportunities or a limited understanding of the problem and solutions.

This is when you need an Extra Pair Of Hands.

Extra Pair of Hands

The Extra Pair of Hands could be a freelance project manager, a Consultant, a virtual assistant or any other terminology you care to use. There are many out there, and it is important to find someone you trust, you can work with and who demonstrates a good understanding of your business and needs.

I count myself as an Extra Pair of Hands (EPOH) able to pick up urgent projects, act as a critical friend or find solutions to insoluble problems. My specialties are hospitality and healthcare, but I have good all-round business knowledge, so sometimes work in other areas.

When would you use an EPOH?

An EPOH offers extra capacity, often at short notice. This is particularly useful in emergencies such as staff shortages, a sudden influx of orders or an urgent project that needs tackling but there is no one available or capable of taking it on.

An EPOH may bring specialised knowledge which will help find solutions and results quickly. Perhaps your EPOH has worked in businesses facing similar issues. The EPOH will be able to quickly understand the scope of the problem, avoid pitfalls and offer new and innovative solutions.

There are many highly specialised EPOH’s with a huge depth of knowledge. You don’t need their skills all the time, but you need to be able to contact them when you do.

An EPOH brings a fresh pair of eyes. You know the problem, you may have been wrestling with it for some time and you can’t see the solution. Adding a different perspective may identify the solution quickly and cost effectively.

Tackling sensitive situations

An EPOH isn’t burdened with the baggage that goes with being part of an organisation. Your team may not want to tackle something that is particularly sensitive or complex as it could lead to internal tensions with long lasting effects. An EPOH can be honest, challenging practices and beliefs without fear of losing their job or creating a long-lasting clash. We may bring that piece of grit into the workplace that fires up a team and reignites their passion to produce great work. It may be a catalyst for a much-needed shake up of personnel.

Why would you use an EPOH

As EPOH’s generally move around regularly, we are accustomed to rapidly absorbing information, adapting to working environments and understanding how places work. We make an effort to quickly fit in and adapt.

Recruiting new staff takes time and it may be that they are only needed for a few days, so having an EPOH allows you to react to the problem in hand without distracting your team from their work. After all, you still have a business to run with day to day challenges!

So, don’t write off these Extra Pair of Hands without fully appreciating the benefits we can bring to your business. It may seem an extravagance, but when you cost out what you are getting, you’ll see that generally we offer extraordinary value for money.

What’s in it for an EPOH?

We will work with you to achieve the best result – after all, if we don’t give you the best advice we can, our reputation will suffer and it may be hard to find new clients.

Connect with an EPOH today

When you are networking, make connections with freelancers, consultants, virtual assistants and anyone who offers an Extra Pair of Hands. It is important you find people you can work with and who you trust. If you have built a relationship with them and they’re already in your address book, when you urgently need help you know who to turn to.


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