Can Sustainability work in a busy life?


I have a dilemma. 

I am passionate about sustainability, yet I am not always living as sustainably as possible.  For instance, the last two weeks, I have been carrying out some onsite training on behalf of a client.  My client is based in Cornwall, however the training had to take place in Bradford!


The travel options were a) a 12 hour train journey each way overnight with 3 changes (the most sustainable), a similarly long and tiring journey by car (not very sustainable) or a 40 minute flight and 2 hour train journey (potentially the least sustainable).


I agonised over this, and plumped for the plane and train.  A guilty conscience, but more productive for me as it meant I could work for most of the days either side of my contracted training whilst in transit.


On this trip, although I had my water bottle, there was not always somewhere suitable to refill it, so I have resorted to buying bottled water – again somewhat guiltily.


These dilemmas are repeated frequently in both my work life and home life, and I suspect many people struggle with how to live sustainably whilst maintaining a manageable and enjoyable life. 


My aim is to make sustainability easy for everyone to incorporate.  It does not have to be lentils and compost toilets.  It can be as sexy as a Tesla (0 – 60 in 2.5 seconds) or as simple as remembering to turn the office lights off at the end of the day. 

Five easy wins to help your business be more sustainable without breaking the bank or making major changes:

1.       Make sure you turn off lights and machinery when they are not needed

2.       Control your heating and lighting so it’s off when it’s not needed

3.       Have a good stock control system so you are not wasting your precious resources

4.       Review your suppliers regularly and where possible support local businesses – it will save on the carbon footprint of deliveries and enhance your reputation locally

5.       Review all business travel and restrict it to absolute necessity – could you hold your meeting over skype?

Companies who embed sustainability vouch that it brings benefits of improved productivity; a happier and more stable workforce; increased profitability and an enhanced reputation with customers. 


What company doesn’t want to make more money, reduce worries about staffing and have customers knocking at their door.


Sustainability shouldn’t just be a ‘nice add on’.  It should the core of your business.  When you are going through changes, whether in personnel, products, growing, shrinking or moving into new markets – this is the key time to review your business and try to understand if what you are doing now will ensure you will still be in business in 5 years’ time.


Now is the perfect time to undertake an audit to find out what you are doing well and where you could improve.  This is something I can help you with, and you can be sure that any costs will be more than covered by the savings you will make or the increased revenue you will generate.


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