Greening up your workplace

As a sustainability consultant, I often talk about ‘greening up your space’ but here I mean literally.  A visit to the headquarters of some of the most prestigious companies makes you think you took a wrong turning and ended up in the Botanical Gardens.

Gone are the days of the dusty spider plant in the corner, or a browning yucca plant in Reception.  Today’s forward thinking companies are investing in statement trees in their cathedral-like atriums, avenues of plants in offices acting as a divider between ‘communities of workers’, and displays above storage areas to encourage all paperwork to be properly filed.

The benefits of good planting are an improved air quality leading to a lower instance of staff sickness, improved sound absorption and a reduction in stress levels.  For more benefits take a look at

Where staff have been involved in the planting design, there has been shown to be a 38% increase in productivity and creativity. 

So, if you are planning new offices, or looking to revamp existing ones, make sure an indoor planting scheme is considered right from the outset.  It could make a huge difference to your organisational productivity and staff wellness. 

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